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This is a bed ad breakfast with big sign outside

Malcolm, 12 Jun 2021

Chelsea, 06 Jun 2021

Food arrived super quickly and is super tasty as always!!

Matthew, 05 May 2021

  Reply : Matthew thanks for the review. Great the food is as good as always.

Love it here!

Will, 31 Mar 2021

  Reply : Ha! Thank you for 5 stars!

Day two and we are loving the food. Delivery lady is always smiling too!

Steve, 28 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thanks!

Toasted wrap, genius!

Steve, 27 Mar 2021

We love BLT so much!

Steve, 27 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thankyou so much for the 5 stars!

Delivery bang on time and yummy food. Pancakes were lush!

Lisa, 06 Mar 2021

  Reply : Really glad you enjoyed the food and thanks fir taking the time to review.

£3 for a service charge and delivery to drive less than a mile to the University Campus is more than take aways from Falmouth charge to deliver to Penryn. Seems very steep and costs almost the same amount as the purchased product.

Antony, 04 Mar 2021

  Reply : Hi Antony, Please forward your post code to see if the charge could be lowered?

Turned up a bit cold, but this is the first time that's happend.

Jon, 06 Dec 2020

With reference to my earlier review this has now been corrected this wasn’t BLTs fault and they have been brilliant in correcting this throughly happy

Kodie Trevaskis, 28 Nov 2020

  Reply : Kodie big thanks for taking the time to review and giving BLT 5 stars


Jazz, 28 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thanks for taking the time to review Jazz

Some more vegan options would be fantastic too, vegan pizza, vegan burger and Oat milk instead of dairy for the hot drinks.

Maria, 12 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the 4 star review. Coincidently we have just introduced the Portobello Mushroom burger


Delicious. Thankyou.

Anne, 30 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the 5 stars!

I am very happy with the food, I think the delivery charge is a little high, most other places I have had food delivered from the delivery is free within a mile or £1 up to 3 miles etc. I am less than a mile away.

Antony, 20 Oct 2020

Amazing fresh food every time

Lois, 12 Oct 2020

Fantastic service and very fast: 5 Stars!

Finlay, 04 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thanks for taking the time to review. So happy with the 5 stars.

Thanks guys stuffed now

Simon, 18 Sep 2020

  Reply : Thank you for the review and 4 stars.

Thanks guys stuffed now

Simon, 18 Sep 2020

Amazing food me and my partner always get from here just absolutely love it

Kirstie, 26 Aug 2020

  Reply : Thanks so much for the review and 5 ??

Amazing every time!!

Lois, 22 Aug 2020

  Reply : Lois thanks for the review and all the stars!

hi hope you are all ok and if your cook is called elish crook say hi from claire {highway church] very nice food

Claire, 01 Aug 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the review. Glad you like the food. Noted wrt e j.

Great service, polite and approachable staff. Definitely recommend.

Matthew, 27 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks for taking the time to review. We are so happy for the full star review.

Brilliant service, easy to use and quick to deliver. Great choice too.

Simon, 22 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks for taking the time to review. Thanks for the full star recommendation.

Amazing food and great service. Thank you

Lois Thornely, 21 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks for your time to review us. Thanks so much for the full star rating. Very good to know our food and service is top notch.

Love BLT, such a great menu.

Amber, 19 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks for taking the time to review. So happy you are loving the food