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Bleddy good

Tommy, 25 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the feedback.


Steve, 25 May 2020

  Reply : Than you.

Perfect as always! We are completely stuffed and enjoyed every last bit!

Matthew, 24 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you for the kind words.

Highly rate this place

Lewis, 22 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the kind support.

Awesome food always

Kyle, 19 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you.

Actually really nice, nothing bad to say and generous portions! Good homemade food and you can tell, and the chicken was fresh cant complain! First time and would go back.

Melissa, 11 May 2020

  Reply : Glad your first experience didn’t disappoint. Look forward to serving you again.

always tasty food and great service!

Rachael, 11 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the kind comments.

Very easy to order and great food

Johanna, 10 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the review and ordering feedback.

Would always recommend and happy to support

Jacob, 07 May 2020

  Reply : Yes thanks for your continued support.

All the meals were great. Enjoyed by everyone. Thank you.

Michael, 07 May 2020

  Reply : We believe offering a varied and high quality menu is essential for the whole family and friends.

Excellent all round service . the food is yummy.

Neil, 05 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the kind comments.

Happy children right now, best fast food takeaway.

Paul, 02 May 2020

  Reply : We believe it’s all about the family.

Very happy children right now

Paul, 02 May 2020

Always lovely service

Zoe, 27 Apr 2020

  Reply : Zoe thanks for the kind review.

Excellent food thank you: we hope to make this a regularly Friday treat :)

Mark, 24 Apr 2020

  Reply : So glad you enjoyed the food and your first order with us.

Perfect as always <3 and the delivery man was really friendly too!

Matthew, 23 Apr 2020

  Reply : Hi Matthew thanks for the review. We deliver our own food 99% of the time. We take pride in laying out the contactless food on a tray with a little chat and appreciation of your order with us.

Called ahead to check they were happy to alter a menu choice for us. Vwey friendly and helpful.

Joe, 19 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the kind review Joe.

Apparently one of the burgers we ordered didn't come with the onion rings it was supposed too but we didn't notice and enjoyed the meal regardless (I was phoned but i didn't hear it) Honestly still amazing and excellent food!

Matthew, 16 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the kind review. Do pop a note on the instructions box on your next order and we will include a complementary drink.

Great treat good quality food, always here faster that the time given,

Tina, 12 Apr 2020

  Reply : Tina than you so much for the kind review. The roads are so empty we don’t get held up which really helps on delivery time.

Great food, a nice treat food is good quality, always here before the time it says

Tina, 12 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks Tina, glad you’re enjoying the good. The quieter traffic helps delivery times.


Kyle, 11 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks Kyle really appreciated

We ordered a couple of burgers as a treat having read about BLT online. The food was great and nice and warm on delivery. The 'no contact' delivery was done really well - we're really thankful that you're delivering during the current crisis and will order again soon. Now that we've found you, we will continue to support when this is all over. Thanks again!

Tom, 11 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks Tom with virtually no traffic on the road we can get the food to you faster.

I only used these guys as there was a limited selection given what is happening nationally. I thought my order would be 55 minutes. It arrived in 20-25 by a cheerful driver. Possibly less...I wasn’t keeping a track so I was caught by surprise it turned up. On top if this the burger was of excellent quality. Great texture and taste you could tell it was not padded out. Definitely be using BLT again. Thank you!

Pat, 10 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the kind review. BLT have been constantly early simply because of the lack of traffic on the roads. Meats come from local suppliers and the Primrose herd, Redruth.

I love the food but I only ordered a milkshake and ice cream and it took an hour to get here.

Chloe, 10 Apr 2020

  Reply : We timed the journey and arrived in 40 minutes, at that time waiting was 60 minutes. Hope this helps.

Top food , top bloke . 100% Recommend

Kyle, 06 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the positive words Kyle

I normally go out for a meal with my family on my birthday but due to current situation its had to be a meal in with just my daughter. We both enjoyed the food & are now stuffed. Contact free delivery polite gentleman + raised off the floor too. Thank you will def be ordering again.

Christa, 06 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the supportive words. It's good to see our ideas working for customers.